Musik kan beskriva mer vad jag känner än vad jag själv kan.
"With or without you. I can't live. With or without you."
"Could I act like you, and put a smile on my face
Not even for a second, would I lie to myself
Too many things are missing, and there's a tear in my eye
It's not a question or an answer, but it will change your mind
You said it was love
I said I'd like you to be mine"
"You know it hurts so bad
just like i knew that it would
but I'd do it again
do it again if I could"
"We've been talking on the phone
For hours and hours.
You can give me a call whenever you like to.
And if you would fall 
You know I will catch you.
Yeah I'll stick around, 
I'll be right beside you."
Seven days a week, 
Every minute of the day.
Oh Whooo oh oh, Whooo oh oh.
I've been thinking about you 
And what you've been up to.
Seven days a week, 
Every minute of the day"


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